Regular Events



Worship services (11:00am and 6:30pm)

Join us for Sunday morning or evening worship, which is open to all. Both events are structured meetings consisting of prayer, the singing of hymns and psalms, and a preached sermon. A creche is available for children aged 3 years and under. Normally, we use Praise! for psalms, hymns and spiritual songs; the NIV translation for Scripture readings.

All Sunday services are livestreamed on our Youtube channel.

Sunday school

The Sunday school currently caters for children between the ages of 4 and 11, and is held at the same time as our morning worship. There are two classes, for the approximate age ranges 4-7 and 7-11, which match the age ranges of the local infant and junior schools. If you have any query about the Sunday School, then feel free to contact us.


Prayer meeting/bible study/catechism (7:30pm)

Our main mid-week meeting is open to all.

Prayer meeting 1st, 3rd and 5th weeks (where applicable); bible study/catechism 2nd and 4th weeks. We aim to finish the meeting by 8:45pm.