9th February 2020

Do you want everything God intends you to have?

Passage: James 1:1-11
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Do you want to have every thing that god intends you to have?

something inside you allows you to hesitate

if we are rebellious god will let us undergo trial for us to come back

we allow our past experiences to define how we are today

a shadow can hang over us and it can affect us

James tells us how we should cope with faith

the wisdom behind the trial is that he wants to grow maturity in our faith in Christ

we need to grow up in our faith

we lack wisdom to actually see whats going on

trust god because he is god and we are not

if any of you lack wisdom, turn to god for more

he gives generously and abundantly

the trial tests our faith

when we are in difficulty, we sometimes distant ourselves from god

but we should always come to god, with fears, troubles

our faith is tiny, but it is great within god

god is glad to hear anything from us

he knows our troubles but when we tell him he feels glad that we have opened up to him

our heavenly father will never turn us away

he is interested in us

if you have doubt in god don't expect to receive the crown of life