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The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC) is a fellowship of gospel churches, based mainly in England, but also with affiliated churches in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Total membership is almost 22,000 with over 30,000 attending the main services of the churches.


The FIEC is a partner in a larger grouping now known as Affinity (formally the British Evangelical Council). It is a fellowship of churches, evangelical agencies and Christians.

Beachy Head Chaplaincy

Beachy Head Chaplaincy has been patrolling the cliffs since 2004 reaching out to those in distress, seeking to save lives at Beachy Head.

Bible Preaching Trust

The Bible Preaching Trust supports ministers of the Evangelical Christian faith who are in need. For more information please contact us.


Praise! is a hymn book to assist Christian congregations in their worship of the one true God — and in the language of the twenty-first century.

Disabled Christians Fellowship

Now part of Through the roof, the Disabled Christians Fellowship has been changing the lives of Christians with disabilities through the support and fellowship it provides for disabled people.

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