Do you know God personally?

7th June 2020

Is your tongue used wisely?

15th March 2020
The tongue can corrupt a whole body, depending on what comes out of the mouth. in Chap. 3, our faith is tested on how we control our tongue if we…

Is your faith accompanied by action?

8th March 2020
How can I tell that my faith is real? God has elected us in the LORD Jesus Christ A real faith has deeds A real faith is a working faith…

As a believer, do not show favouritism.

1st March 2020
the book of James is about the unconcern of out trial of faith believers in Christ must not show favouritism James - imperative tone - do this, that but it…

How can I get the most out of my Bible?

23rd February 2020
I don't get a lot out of my Bible View with a View to Review Read, listen, and DO People don't act on what they see which is why you…

How many times have you said “It wasn’t my fault”?

16th February 2020

Do you want everything God intends you to have?

9th February 2020
Do you want to have every thing that god intends you to have? something inside you allows you to hesitate if we are rebellious god will let us undergo trial…

Practical Faith

2nd February 2020
James is a very practical book. Is it too practical? Too uncomfortable? Do all those things that you believe work out in practice? How do live out your beliefs? What…

Why do the wicked prosper?

26th January 2020

Which family are you in?

19th January 2020
Family is important to us. Spiritual Family. God's Family/Satan's family. Heaven/Hell. cWhich family are you in? We are born in the family of satan. Do children need to be taught…