Homosexuality from scriptures point of view – Part 2

15th March 2020
Gen. 19: Sodom and Gomorrah Lev. 18: 22, Lev. 20: 13 Rom. 1 1 Cor. 6:9 - 10,   1 Tim. 1: 8 - 10  

Homosexuality from scriptures point of view – Part 1

8th March 2020
Is it nature or nurture ?? Procreation and companionship - Gen. chapt - 1 and 2.

The Blood of Christ shed for our forgiveness

1st March 2020
The blood of Christ removes our guilt, gives us access to God. Blood as in death by violence. Shedding of blood means Christ has died. It was the death of…

Redemption by Jesus Christ

23rd February 2020
Redemption - What kind of an act was done by Jesus Christ ? Barriers - Slaves to sin, slaves to satan, held for punishment in God's justice Redemption means "paying…

Justification through faith in Christ alone

16th February 2020
Justification - Legal act of God where sins are forgiven and declares us righteous in Christ. We must become right with God Judge is God. He is the prosecutor as…

Abortion and Euthansia

9th February 2020
Unborn baby is referred to as a person from the point of conception. Language of person hood. Luke 1:44, in pregnancy Psalm 51:5, from conception Psalm 139:13, from conception Genesis…

God’s Elect – Chosen to be obedient

2nd February 2020

What makes the angels excited?

26th January 2020
Salvation, God's grace, God's Riches at Christ's Expense. Grace written all the way through Peter's letter. Salvation is granted only to humans not Angels. V11 find's expression in Christ's Suffering.…

Do you carry everything to God in prayer?

19th January 2020

Real Repentance

12th January 2020
Repentance, a change of mind, sorrow for sin, hatred of sin, sorry for the consequences or sorry for the sin? Godly sorrow leads to repentance and restoration, Worldly sorrow leads…