2nd February 2020

Practical Faith

Passage: James 1:1-18
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Bible Text: James 1:1-18 | Preacher: John Scott | Series: James | James is a very practical book. Is it too practical? Too uncomfortable? Do all those things that you believe work out in practice? How do live out your beliefs? What degree of worldliness exists? James wants us to be doers of the Word. James was the younger brother of Jesus Christ. Now he has come to understand who Jesus really is. So he is happy to call himself of servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is written to all peoples It has many practical challenges. Pleasing God in the routine ordinary life. The demands of God have not changed. A trial is something that happens to us an external circumstance. Temptation is internal, it speaks to the heart. What begins as a trial can become a temptation. How to deal with these is our attitude: Pure Joy through which God perfects our faith. God has a right to bring our lives to an end. What difference does your faith make to your life?