23rd February 2020

How can I get the most out of my Bible?

Passage: James 1:19-27
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  • I don't get a lot out of my Bible
  • View with a View to Review
  • Read, listen, and DO
  • People don't act on what they see
  • which is why you probably don't get a lot out of your Bible
  • Read and study the Bible, to see what it says
  • We should always be quick to listen to what God says
  • You need to feed daily upon The Word of God
  • we should have intent to take in The Word
  • Don't react in anger to those who have different views on God
  • give arguments, but with kind language
  • not only we are here to accept the word but to DO the word as well
  • So how should I do the word?
  • How can I worship God?
  • By OBEYING him!
  • Read, Listen, and DO
  • looking with intention is more than reading a few passages a day
  • James say that doing itself is not enough. we need to implement a change into our lives
  • Obedience is love for Christ