9th February 2020

Abortion and Euthansia

Passage: Romans 13
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Unborn baby is referred to as a person from the point of conception. Language of person hood.

Luke 1:44, in pregnancy

Psalm 51:5, from conception

Psalm 139:13, from conception

Genesis 25:23, in pregnancy

Legal protection is given to a baby in the Bible.

The worth of a person is in their creation in the image of God. A soul that will live forever.

Each woman has a CHOICE when she enters into a sexual relationship. But once the baby is conceived that baby has a choice and a right to life.

Mercy killing? Assisted death?

6th Commandment: You shall not murder. Intentional or unintentional killing.

The Person hood of the Person. God only can give life and God only has the right to take life