Real Repentance

12th January 2020
Repentance, a change of mind, sorrow for sin, hatred of sin, sorry for the consequences or sorry for the sin? Godly sorrow leads to repentance and restoration, Worldly sorrow leads…

Do you abide in Christ in faith?

5th January 2020
Saving faith, repentance, the work of the Lord Jesus Christ, Leaning all on Christ, Living personal trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, Not vague thing, G d has chosen to…

What do you know about Christmas?

25th December 2019

What would you say our greatest need would be?

19th April 2019

Carols by candle light service

23rd December 2018

Shalom – all round harmony

9th December 2018


2nd December 2018

Forgiveness of sins

21st October 2018
Jesus at the house of Simon the pharisee forgives a sinful woman.

When I came to my senses…

5th August 2018
The journey of the prodigal son to repentance.

Are you like Children?

22nd July 2018